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Lamkin Crossline 1150 60R+


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For players who put a premium on short-game precision and like to grip down on their irons and wedges, the 11.5″ Crossline 1150 has a reduced-taper profile and an enhanced, logo-free, Crossline pattern. Longer than standard grips, the extra length and shape promote a more precise and consistent short game performance.

Distinctive, densely-spaced surface pattern provides exceptional lateral traction and grip stability
Firmer grip material limits torsion at shot impact for greater confidence and excellent consistency
Proprietary compound material engineered for durability

Ideal grip choice for wedges, the extra inch of length provides additional surface area for versatile gripping options and improved shot control
Straighter, reduced-taper profile promotes hand unity and reduced grip tension
Tacky ACE Material dampens unwanted vibrations


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